Q - Why can I not get a zone to turn off by the controller?

A - There are valves in the ground, usually in a green box in the ground. There is usually debris inside the valve.

Q - Why is water bubbling up underground?

A - You might have a leak on the main water line for the system. This line is always pressurized unless the irrigation water is turned off in the house.

Q - When is a good time to run my irrigation system?

A - It is recommended to run it in the morning before daylight hours. This is your best opportunity to have the least amount of wind and evaporation.

Q - Why is my system running when it's raining?

A - The rain sensor must collect enough rain in order to shut it down. Also, the battery in the rain sensor may be dead.

Q - Why does a sprinkler head keep sticking up after the system runs?

A - That usually means the spring inside the head is too weak to pull the head back down.

Q - When should I have my system winterized?

A - You want to have it winterized before the temperature drops below freezing at night.

Q - What does an irrigation system cost?

A - It majorly depends on the size of the yard. A good range for a typical city lot is
$2,000 to $3,500.